Ways to Reduce the Cost of a Heavy Digger

Apr 23

Heavy diggers are very very useful pieces of equipment because they serve many purposes. They can move earth, they can dig, and they can excavate. They are also used in grading, landscaping, and demotion. Excavators and backhoes are a necessity on any construction site. Because this type of heavy equipment is so expensive, many contractors choose to hire rather than buy. Even if the contractor decides to hire, the operational costs can be very high. There are a few ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger hire.

#1 Compare Various Hire Companies

Finding the heavy digger hire company with the best price will ensure that you are paying the lowest cost possible. Most companies have the same equipment; however, the cost varies. It is a good idea to take the time to compare companies before choosing one. There are a few things that you should keep in mind to be sure that you are getting the best rate possible.

Choose a company with flexible packages.

Select a company with various types of equipment. If you need both an excavator and a bulldozer, it will be cheaper to get them from the same company rather than working with two different companies.

Work with a company that will include equipment packages in the cost of the hire. You might need buckets, augers, grading blades, and grapples. If you are charged separately for each of these attachments, it will increase the cost considerably.

When you have found a company that checks everything off this list, ask for a quote. Then you can select the one with the lowest price.

#2 Make Sure That the Equipment Has Been Recently Serviced

The last thing that you want is for the equipment to break down in the middle of the job. If this happens, you would need to have it repaired. This will add hundreds of Euros to the cost of the hire. To keep this from happening, make sure that the equipment has been serviced recently. The hire company should inspect, service, and repair the equipment before you take it. It is a good idea to make yourself available while it is being serviced so that you can be sure that it is working properly.

There are a few areas that you should pay special attention to:

    • The hydraulic system
    • The undercarriage
    • The electrical system
    • The attachment system
    • The controls
    • The fluid levels

When each of these points have been addressed, you can be sure that you won’t run into any problems with the equipment on the job site.

#3 Hire An Experienced Operator

You may think that the cost of hiring an experienced operator is an unnecessary cost; however, it makes good sense in the long run. There are some heavy equipment hire companies that will send an experienced operator for an additional cost. If you are offered an operator in your package, you should take it.

An experienced operator will get the job done faster than if you don’t have someone with experience. You also won’t need to worry about mistakes being made that would result in unnecessary downtime. Finally, an experienced operator won’t damage the equipment that you would be responsible for repairing.

Final Thoughts

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