Top 8 Hard to Clean Stains at Your Home That You Should Look out for

Jan 08

A clean home is a pleasant home, and it is nice to live with especially if you are with your family. However, sometimes maintaining a clean house is hard, especially when little kids are around. Imagine their playful, carelessness, and clumsiness that create stains at your home. SO at the end of the day, moms are always tired of cleaning the house. One way or another, you have to make sure your house is clean so to prevent bacteria, dust, and virus from homing to your house. Let’s see what the top 8 stains that might be present at your home are. So, let’s discuss each one and see if there are stains like these at your house.

8 Annoying and Tough Stains At Your Home


The stains from blood can last longer especially if it is already dry. There are also cases that when an accident happened at your home, and there is blood spill all over the place, it is tough to clean the house. Fortunately, there is a blood cleanup service you can trust for cases like this, you can find them at this location.


If you have a schooling kid, for sure there will be marks of ink around your home. It is a tough stain too and hard to clean. If the ink is fresh and presented on the clothes, then it is less hard to clean. You can use a liquid detergent and a bleach to wash the clothes. However, if the ink is on your wall, carpet, or other surfaces, then it is hard to clean.


You may think that it is impossible to have a grease stain at home, then you are wrong. Not only people who do mechanical jobs leave grease stains. If you go from outside, there is a huge possibility that you might carry grease and leave it as a stain at your floor, carpet, and wall. SO make sure to check your footwear and clothes when entering your home especially if you come from the wet market or on the streets.


When your iron window is wearing off its paint, rust comes in. You can also check your kitchen appliances if the top coat is wearing off such as in pans, oven toaster, metal cooking utensils, etc. Baking soda and lemon can be useful in cleaning rust stains. Make sure to take off the rust before using it again.


Have you seen a gum on your carpet or below your table? Yes, it is annoying, and you might lose control of your anger too. If you have a kid or a teen at your home, then it is possible to have gum stains, and it is more challenging if it is sitting there for a long time.


Drinking a chocolate beverage can be fun for your toddler, but once it spilled out of your sofa, pillow, bed, or at the carpet, then it is another story. A chocolate stain is hard to clean, and it requires bleaching.


You let your kids play outside then there’s mud all over your home once they enter. Mud is a tough stain too, it is sticky, smelly, and sometimes leave hard to clean stains at your floor and to your kids’ clothes.

Permanent Marker

Look at your wall, lucky you are if your toddler is haven’t discovered his huge canvass. But if your wall is a mess with permanent markers all over it, then you are doomed! It is hard to clean, although you can find cleaning agents that will be helpful to remove the stains it will be needed force too.