Know Common Plumbing Problems and when to Call a Professional

Feb 20

Plumbing issues can erupt at any point of the day. Though it is easy to tackle the minor issues, you might need the help of a specialist to get away with bigger ones.

You should never over try repairing any hardware part of the bathroom or kitchen on your own. If you have realized it is something out of your hands and you cannot repair it then leave it in the hands of a professional plumber. The decision to seek help from an expert not only helps in saving the extra expense but also provides an opportunity to identify deeper causes of the problem.

Problems that only a professional plumber can solve include:

Running Toilets

This is when you flush the waste after using the toilet and head towards washing your hands. But you can still continue to hear the water flowing out continuously. This is not the type of flow that generates right after you flush. It is caused due to imbalance float or faulty flapper that is not fitted in the flush properly.

Clogged Drains

Well, there are various ways of unclogging a drain. Generally, people don’t depend upon a plumber’s help for such an issue caused by entry of solid waste into the drain. They rather try to use a plunger to create a vacuum and push the waste out. Or there are plenty other equipment tools like unbending the hanger and pouring hot water with chemicals to get rid of the clog.

What if all this does not help and your work is disrupted for long? It is important that you take the assistance of the professional plumber in this situation. The use of chemicals and harmful rods can ruin the drain walls to a large extent.

Lowered Water Pressure

This problem is quite annoying for any homeowner. It can double up the time required to clean dishes, clothes etc. Low pressure is often a result of a mineral build-up in the faucet aerators. Or it can be due to breaks in the pipeline of water coming to your home from the street supply.

A plumber can help you achieve the same flow pressure back either by detaching the faucet and cleaning it or by fixing the point of leakage.


Leakage from faucets and pipelines, joints is very annoying. It not only turns down the way your bathroom or kitchen looks but also leads to wastage of water in large units. You should try to get this problem fixed as soon as it erupts. The leakage of water in drops even can increase your water utility bill from substantial units.

Moreover, it is always better to keep a plumber’s number handy to overcome such situations. You can also keep a plumbing kit having screwdrivers and other panels for emergencies!

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