How to Make Your Home a Safe Haven for Your Senior Parent

Jan 12

Everybody gets old, but when it is our parents, we know it has to be unique. We need to ensure that they do not only enjoy their senior years but that they are living comfortably and with less stress as possible. There are many options for seniors when they are ready to retire. Some choose to stay in retirement and senior homes where they get to live and interact with their fellow seniors. On the other hand, some have to go into nursing homes due to their medical conditions. However, many decide to stay home and spend time with their loved ones.

Houston home health care is one of the many organizations offering different kinds of elderly services to help ensure the safety and comfort of your loved ones. With their help, you do not have to give up your daily routine as well as a job to care for them but will have the privilege to spend quality time with them when necessary. If you need aid for your senior parent, feel free to visit our office.

On the other hand, even when there is an aid to your parent, it is still best to make sure that your home is converted into a haven that is safe for seniors.

Make Sure There are No Tripping Hazards

It is normal for seniors to lose strength and agility as well stamina as they age. Everyone will have to go through this phase; eventually, the variation will only depend on the body’s ability. There are many injuries and deaths among seniors that are the result of falls. Their balance is not so good anymore, that is why they can get hurt easily due to trip and fall. It is best to ensure that all cords are removed from the floor and fixed appropriately. Additionally, it is best to remove rugs and other obstacles on the floor. In short, ensure that the level is clean and spacious at all times.

Remove Stairs

As much as possible, help your senior loved ones by making sure they do not have to climb the stairs often. If possible, move their room on the ground floor for their convenience. If it is not possible then install handrails for them so they can climb up and down quickly. If your house has several stories and your parent has to use a wheelchair, it is best to have a ramp for them.

Install Adequate Lighting

Let’s face it, as we age, out eyesight becomes poor. And by the time we reach our senior years, it will be fragile. Therefore, to help seniors navigate safely, it is best to install lights bright enough to help them see clearly.

Make the Bathroom Senior-Friendly

The bathroom is a danger zone for many seniors. It is very easy to slip and fall there. Make sure to install handrails so they can keep themselves safe while using the bathroom. However, if you can, it is best to renovate the bathroom and change the tiles into non-slip pieces. If you are using a tub, make sure to install a bar or a bench to give them support while going in and out of the bathtub. Also, try to use non slip mats as well as chairs in the shower to make things easier for them.