Exploring the Various Options for Homeowners About Decking Materials

Feb 03

Vinyl Decking:

Having a deck to spend more time outside, while you are still at home, is something that can really add value to your home. What better way to enjoy the beauty of British Columbia, to view the beautiful sky and the evening horizon? Although Vancouver has the mildest average temperatures of all of Canada, any deck that is not built with durable premium materials is still going to be in worse shape sooner than one that is made out of Tufdek™.

Tufdek’s offer exceptional durability, and its reputation has spread among homeowners that Tufdek decks are for homeowners that want the best. When investing in a deck for your home, building a deck that is built to last decades will add more to the value of to your home.


Vinyl decks:

There’s nothing like soaking up the sun on a beautiful sundeck, but those same rays can be a real threat to a sundeck that’s not built to be tough in the face of weather extremes. And if you’re concerned the sun’s UV rays will be bleaching your new deck, wait till you see the damage Mother Nature can do when fall and winter roll around with excessive precipitation and freezing temperatures. Vinyl decks are a better choice than wood ones – they’re much more durable and you get greater value from them.

Vinyl resists staining better than wood or other surface choices, and can be rinsed cleaned more effectively with a simple blast from your garden hose. In addition, the vinyl actually serves as a protective barrier between the wooden structure beneath and the elements that will inevitably come down on it. All this for a very reasonable other price in comparison to what you’d pay for wooden sundeck.

Aluminum railings:

A decade without railings can be more of a safety hazard than anything else. Attractive railings also need the right materials, design, and precise attention to detail. The deck railing experts of Celsky are able to share their knowledge with you about which ones would work best for your home, and what type of railings would be most suitable for your deck. Although wood still accounts for most residential deck railings, combining aluminum railings with your hardwood or vinyl deck can still be an affordable way to finish it while bringing maximum safety and beauty. Aluminum railings are extremely durable and able to stand up to extreme weather and will not experience the common wear & tear of wood railings.

Wood decks:

In Vancouver, sundecks have been traditionally made or rebuilt from a selection of hardwoods, now still about 80% of existing decks are wooden. Some have put up artificial wood or plastic decks, but the look and feel leaves just doesn’t equal the grade of real wood. Wooden decks are built in different styles and forms. Wood decks have a natural character, and so they are an aesthetically natural choice. A wooden deck can be made to match your home’s exterior so it is easy to understand why folks will get excited at the prospect of having one built. Wood grain is especially appealing to the eye. You will want to have it treated with a protective wood stain that guards the wood against weather wear and fading while adding to the richness of its color.

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