Choosing a Double Glazing Company for Best Results

Feb 24

The quality of work among home repair companies varies greatly. Before hiring a company, you should do your own due diligence to determine the quality of the work. This fact also remains true when choosing a double glazing company. The companies that offer flashy advertising do not always provide the best quality workmanship. Sometimes they cut corners on the repairs to pay for flashy advertisements.

Licensed and Registered

These are some of the most basic requirements when selecting a quality company. Do not be fooled by a contractor who offers a wide variety of options. Select one that specializes in installing double glazed windows.


Look for the Industry Standards

In the U.K. the industry standard for double glazing window companies is FENSA. Companies that offer FENSA registration provide the top-quality work. Keep in mind that there are some unscrupulous businesses that claim to be registered but are not. Check the FENSA organization’s website and see for yourself if the company is registered. Other places to check are the British Standards Institute (BSI) and British Board of Agreement (BBA). Companies approved and accredited by these agencies are more likely to provide trouble-free work and windows that last for years with limited need for repairs.

Guaranteed Workmanship

The manufacturer’s warranty on double glazed glass is limited. The installation process requires not just the glass, but hardware, sealant and other items. It is essential for installers to offer their own workmanship warranty. Ask about these warranties before approving the beginning of the work. Ask if the warranty includes all products required for the installation, including sealants, rubber seal strips and hinges. If the company is not willing to offer such guarantees, look for another bid.

Choose a Local Window Glazer

The internet makes it easier than ever to find cheap prices on products that originate in other regions of the country. However, if you receive a broken or defective product, returning and replacing it can result in a big problem. Selecting a local company that offers the products and installation is a better option in most cases. The local company’s installation technicians understand the specific needs of residents. They are familiar with the building codes in effect for your location. You can gain more peace of mind by selecting a licensed, registered and accredited local company.

Check With Family, Friends and Neighbours

Word of mouth offers one of the best protections from being fleeced. Ask other individuals who have worked with a glazing company before you make your final selection. Enquire about their experience with the company. Were the charges reasonable? Were there costs added to the bid price? How was the company’s service after the sale? Such simple questions help homeowners when choosing the best double glazing company in their location.

If you follow these easy tips you increase the chances of a successful double glazing glass project.