Basic Furnace Maintenance Every Homeowner Should Know

Dec 11

A furnace is one of the most critical installations in every household. It is essential in keeping the home warm especially during winter. Thus, it is of utmost importance that it works correctly. Any malfunction or furnace problem often causes trouble since the maximum delivery of heat is not met. Additionally, when the furnace is not working correctly, energy is wasted, and it also poses a threat due to harmful emissions. To keep your heater up and running successfully no matter what the season is, you should never neglect primary repair and maintenance. Most of these basics are something you can do for yourself.

Perform Maintenance Regularly

It is best to do your maintenance twice every year. The first one is before the winter sets in wherein the second is shortly before summer, so it is safe to say by the end of spring. Delaying or doing your maintenance late may cause furnace failure and trouble so doing it early the better. It is also to give time to any severe repairs or replacements before the warmest and coldest times arrive.

Do a Visual Test

Before doing anything else, you need to take a look at your furnace. Check on any loose or peeled off wires. Check on the venting pipe. It should be angled and securely fastened. Additionally, the drainage tubes for the system should also be tight. Aside from doing a visual test, doing a smell check is also advisable. Sniff around the system, if you detect any rotten egg smell, it means there is a gas leak. If this happens, call a furnace repair Cypress Texas service so their experts can fix the problem immediately.

Inspect Your Wires

It is important to remember to turn off the power before attempting to touch the furnace itself. It is one of the most common mistakes by many. The often forget to turn off the power which causes the system to break down or sometimes it causes serious accidents. Once you turn off the power, open the door. Touch and slightly pull on every wire to ensure they are correctly fitted and are tight.

Dust and Vacuum

There are a lot of factors to consider when looking for the cause of a furnace malfunction. Small particles such as dirt, dust, and debris are often the culprits for glitches. What you need to do is to clean off these things using a soft brush for the inner parts. Never use hard and pointed items as well as wet cloth to clean them. The brush is enough to loosen the particles without causing any damages. Once you finish brushing, remove the remnants using a portable vacuum.

You also need to check on the flame sensor. A dirty one can cause the furnace to stop working entirely to stop working altogether. To clean it, you need to unscrew the sensor and hold it at the bottom. Use emery cloth to clean the sensor. After washing, replace it and reinstall the door.

Hire a Professional for Mechanical Issues

When you encounter any mechanical issues, do not attempt to try and fix it yourself. Call for a professional to do the job to ensure it gets done correctly.

If you are interested in learning more about furnace maintenance, visit our office for assistance.