Appearances Matter when Securing a Home

Mar 04

There are a number of products and services offered by home security companies that can help to make any home secure, including closed-circuit television systems, motion sensors, monitoring by security companies, and physical barriers, like window bars and fences. However, there are other more subtle, and cheaper, methods savvy homeowners can use to deter potential thieves by making homes appear less appealing than they might actually be.

Think Like A Burglar To Create A Plan

Window protection in Naples FL, Rochester NY, and throughout the United States, might incorporate motion sensors, CCTV, and bars designed to physically prevent entry. Life Hacker suggests that, in addition to common steps taken to secure homes that owners don’t own “anything valuable,” or, that they at least “don’t appear to.”

Don’t flaunt expensive items, leaving them visible through windows commonly in the field of view of the general public. Keeping a modest public profile can go a long way toward not attracting the attention of would-be thieves. It has been suggested that boxes and packaging for expensive items, such as new computers and televisions, be thoroughly cut up, so as they can be completely concealed in the trash or recycling bins.

Securing A Home

Learn The Signs Thieves Look For

Windows located on or beside doors, within reaching distance of doorknobs, pose particularly acute security risks, as do windows where air conditioning units are located. It is recommended to “look like” you are concerned with security and general upkeep. Leaving car windows, or the garage door, open overnight, among other behaviors, sends signals to outsiders that a homeowner may not be paying close attention to security concerns.

One burglar suggested that tall shrubs located near windows and doors, which give thieves a place to hide, be avoided. For the same reason, extensive exterior lighting, which is connected to a motion sensor that automatically turns on when someone comes near, can help keep burglars away. Additionally, lights on timed sequences can give the appearance that someone is home, when the house is actually empty. Privacy fences are said to help give burglars places to stalk before entering a building; it has been suggested they be avoided.

Thieves are said to attempt to “case” many neighborhoods before deciding to rob them. Attempting to make it appear that someone is home in your residence 24 hours a day may be enough to dissuade some possible burglars.

Many Simple, Effective Techniques

Signs provided by security companies that identify the name of the service, which many homeowners place on their lawns, are said to be capable of tipping off potential intruders of how to circumvent security systems, and should be avoided and replaced with generic security service signs.

Dogs are cited as being effective home security partners, with the bark of even a small dog being enough to scare away many potential intruders. The goal, reminds Life Hacker, is not to make a home completely impenetrable, but to make it unattractive and not the apparent “lowest-hanging-fruit” of the neighborhood.